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Maggie, Maggie: Delaware’s spookiest ghost videos of 2021

YouTubers return to the state's scariest places, including Old Maggie's Bridge and Fort Delaware, and record some spine-tingling stuff.

Are you afraid of the dark? YouTuber CJ Faison filme at Maggie's Bridge. (Screenshot)
Delaware is home to some famously haunted places, from Fort Delaware to Rockwood Mansion to arguably the most haunted place in the whole state, Old Maggie’s Bridge in Seaford.

In 2019, we rounded up a few spooky Delaware videos for Halloween. This year, there are even more to choose from, including some caught-on-camera supernatural stuff (of course, whether you believe it’s actual real-life supernatural stuff is up to you).

Let’s start with YouTuber Marty Martins, who went to Fort Delaware in Delaware City in September and, after some creepy but mostly uneventful exploring, was spooked by the sense that someone had walked by him at the moment the camera apparently caught the image of a ghost in a soldier uniform behind him.

If you want to know more about the haunted history of Fort Delaware, Diamond Sate Ghost Investigators recently made this video, which plays during the site’s paranormal tours:

Old Maggie’s Bridge, also known as the Crybaby Bridge, was probably Delaware’s most popular haunted spot in 2021. Whether you believe the legend that a ghost named Maggie haunts the bridge where she and her baby died or not, it makes for some super spooky videos. All you have to do is go to the bridge at night and call out “Maggie, Maggie, I have your baby!” and wait for the wails.

Old Maggie’s Bridge was the first episode in YouTuber Josh Hodge’s “Hauntings with Hodge” series. They captured what sounds like a woman’s sob about 10 minutes in.

CJ Faison is a popular adventure YouTuber from Felton who, along with friend Sonny Deeds, puts out some of the creepiest haunted videos in the region. In September, he went to Old Maggie’s Bridge “lights out,” filming with an infrared camera. Was the screaming they heard wildlife or the ghost of Maggie’s baby?

This one is really recent, uploaded on Oct. 25. Faison and Deeds explored “Delaware’s most haunted trail” — inside an abandoned military base in the woods:

Deeds and Faison were given access to the haunted Brick Hotel in Georgetown last August for Deeds’ YouTube, and the footage they got includes some spooky incidents of alleged spirit activity:

If exploring haunted locations in the dark is too intense for you, here’s a local ghost story from the 1700s brought to you by True Crime and Chill. “Burying the Ghost of Mr. Chew” is about onetime Chief Justice Samuel Chew, a real historical colonist who is said to have haunted Dover until the town gave his ghost a funeral.

Want to watch later? Here’s a “Spooky Delaware” playlist.

Watch the Spooky Delaware playlist
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