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Real estate developers learn about first-gen hardware the hard way [Links Roundup]

A new modular construction technique is fueling a fight between two development partners in Brooklyn. Plus: the story behind those controversial clothing donation bins you keep running into.

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Cost Dispute Halts Work on Modular Apartment Tower in Brooklyn [WSJ]: An innovative new approach to high-rise fabrication has run into serious cost overruns and halted construction of apartment high rises around the Barclays Center, according to the Wall Street Journal, which details the finger-pointing between the developer, Forest City Enterprises, and the contractor, Skanska. Hardware prototyping: it always takes longer than you think it will.

Textile Recycling: A For-Profit Startup Success Among Controversy [Forbes]: A Sheepshead Bay entrepreneur is using weight sensors and GPS to make sure she is a good steward of her for-profit clothing collection bins around the city, according to Forbes. These things have been appearing all over and stirring controversy, but Brooklyn’s SpinGreen is working to establish a reputation as a locally minded and charitable recycler of textiles.

NYPD Considers Technology to Halt Bridge Stunts [WSJ]: The NYPD is considering “new technology” to keep people off the top of bridges, according the Wall Street Journal, but the details stop there. The story is primarily about the two German artists who swapped the flags out and the subsequent breathless panic it elicited from any politician in reach of a microphone.

Senator wants to break out checkbook for Downtown tech [The Brooklyn Paper]: Sen. Kristen Gillibrand announced a bill to provide funds to research universities to help with turning their work into commercial projects, up to $3 million per institution or $100,000 per project, according to The Brooklyn Paper. Called the Technology and Research Accelerating National Security and Future Economic Resiliency [TRANSFER] Act, the senator introduced it in late June, with one cosponsor. It’s House companion bill was introduced earlier this month. You know what they say: a bill introduced in Congress and $4.25 will get you a latte at the Brooklyn Roasting Company.

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