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The state wants to move unemployed Delawareans into high-demand jobs with this workforce dev program

Gov. John Carney announced the Rapid Workforce Training and Redeployment Training Initiative on Monday, thanks to $10 million of the state's CARES Act funding.

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With unemployment remaining high due to the COVID-19 crisis — and with the federal government’s extra $600-per-week benefit that was keeping many people afloat now gone — Delaware is focusing on workforce development with $10 million of the state’s CARES Act funding.

Gov. John Carney signed Executive Order #43 on Monday, creating the Rapid Workforce Training and Redeployment Training Initiative to assist Delaware workers and their families who have lost jobs and income due to the COVID-19 crisis.

It comes by recommendation of the Pandemic Resurgence Advisory Committee chaired by Lieutenant Gov. Bethany Hall-Long and Secretary of State Jeff Bullock.

Under the order, the Delaware Department of Labor will work with the Delaware Workforce Development Board to create training and certification programs for unemployed and underemployed Delawareans in skills that are currently in demand by Delaware employers, including nurses, medical assistants, home health aides and pharmacy employees.

“All Delawareans have made sacrifices during this COVID-19 crisis. Some have made more than others,” said Carney in a statement. “Delaware workers and their families across our state have lost jobs and income, but still have to pay their bills. We have a responsibility to support our neighbors who have been affected by this crisis. This new workforce development program will help provide workers with the skills they need to get back in the workforce quickly, earn a living, and support their families.”


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