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Quorum has a new tool to track how much Congress gets done in a week

It's a snapshot of how active legislative leaders are both on and off social media. The startup is also working on local government tracking tools.

Quorum is tracking Congress and local governments. (Courtesy photo)

When we listed Quorum at the top of the realLIST in February, cofounder Alex Wirth told that the Trump administration put “a new focus on the importance of their work.” Wirth and company are expanding capabilities one branch over with the Weekly Congressional Productivity Index.

WCPI provides a digital snapshot of the weekly and year-to-date legislative productivity. It tracks productivity by legislative chamber, committees and top five congress members introducing new bills weekly.

If your venture needs to track the relationship between members of congress and social media, Quorum’s latest tracks the most active member on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and popular hashtags among these legislators.

For those more interested in long term trends, WCPI also includes year-to-date graphs that highlight tendencies of bipartisanism, legislation introduction and success among both chambers.

It’s a product that the Quorum team believes is fundamental to expand Quorum’s effectiveness in serving grassroots advocates and public affairs professionals.

The Weekly Congressional Productivity Index (Courtesy Quorum)

A sampling of the Weekly Congressional Productivity Index (Courtesy Quorum)

“Our goal is that [WCPI] will demonstrate the powerful legislative tracking tools within the Quorum platform that enable our clients to capture both present and historical data that can make timely comparisons,” Quorum’s Trent Kennedy told “To the public, we hope to offer an insight into the current and historical productivity and trends in dialogue on Capitol Hill.”

And WCPI isn’t just for Capitol Hill.  Quorum EU also captures similar data for its users.

The company is also going to cities and towns with an addition to their latest product, Quorum Local.

According to Kennedy, this latest product will expand the platform to over 6,500 cities and counties across the country providing social media tracking, interaction logging, and email tools.

Quorum Local is set to have its formal launch in the fall, but they’ve been dropping data at special events.

“Bottom line is that we are ecstatic to be the first company using technology to monitor local municipalities,” said Kennedy. “We’ve been rolling the product out to current clients and received a warm reception at the US Conference of Mayors in Miami.”

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