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Buy a +Pool tile to help put floating, filtered pool in East River

Testing will begin for the +Pool system in the next few weeks.

"Our first water testing sensors are now in the Hudson River, thanks to the brave dudes at Olollo for riding the swells!!!" -- +Pool Facebook page

+Pool will deploy a thirty-five square foot prototype this summer to begin testing whether or not all its filters and interventions really can create a floating pool that’s safe for swimming, in the East River, using its water. We covered +Pool as one of the borough’s most successful Kickstarters. Several sources are reporting that the demo pool is on track to go in the water in the next few weeks.

The team reports that the first water sensors are already in the East River, on their Facebook page. Presumably these first sensors give them a baseline to test the water against, after it has been filtered.

This is a private venture. You can own a piece of it now by buying a tile.

Companies: Plus Pool
Series: Brooklyn

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