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8 in 10 Philly homeowners have a car. For renters, not so much

That's according to a new infographic from the Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities.

Cars, parked. (Photo by Flickr user Dan Reed, used under a Creative Commons license)

Eight in ten Philadelphia homeowners have access to a vehicle. The odds of car ownership for renters, however, are only about 50-50.
That’s according to a new infographic from the Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities:

This week we took American Community Survey data (2013 1-year estimate) and calculated the number of Philadelphia householders who own their own vehicle by whether they own or rent their homes. According to the data, approximately 20% of home owners do not have access to a vehicle and 48% of home renters do not have access to a vehicle.

Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities

Infographic by the Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities. (Data source: U.S. Census 2013 American Community Survey)

It’s either a sign of Philadelphia’s bike friendliness, Philadelphia’s staggering poverty rate, Philadelphia’s millennial aversion to cars, or, probably, a mixture of the three.

Companies: City of Philadelphia

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