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Media Mobilizing Project celebrates ‘massive victory for net neutrality’

A Tuesday court ruling ensures that broadband internet will be regulated as a utility.

The app-based service plans to onboard around 100 new “shoppers,” or independent contractors, to deliver grocery items around Dover.

Starting this Thursday, some 69,000 households in the Dover area will have access to Instacart, an online shopping platform that pledges to put groceries at your doorstep in as little as an hour. The service, which is available in 275 markets (including Wilmington), was founded in San Francisco in 2012 to simplify ordering fresh produce and other perishables for quick delivery. Instacart's model is similar to Uber, in that members of the community can apply to become independent-contractor drivers (called shoppers) who claim orders to fulfill through a mobile app. In Dover, participating stores include Safeway, ACME, CVS and Petco. The service area includes Smyrna, Camden, Townsend and Middletown. Wondering if you'll be able to get access to the service? These are the ZIP codes now added to Instacart's service area in Delaware: 19901, 19902, 19903, 19904, 19905, 19906, 19934, 19936, 19943, 19946, 19961, 19962, 19979, 19980, 19953, 19964, 19709, 19734, 19938, 19955, 19977, 19730 and 19731. New customers can enter the code HIDOVER to get $20 off an order of $35 or more (plus free delivery) until October 25.

“Today, the court fully affirmed the Federal Communications Commission’s power to regulate the internet for consumers, not for Comcast.”
This line kicks off a statement published Tuesday by the Media Mobilizing Project. The Philly-based nonprofit, which fights for a fairer media landscape, was commenting on a key ruling issued by the United States Court of Appeals.
The 184-page ruling declared broadband internet a utility, upholding the FCC’s position, and opened a path for new regulations on internet service providers.
“For many years, millions of people have battled for our right to speak and be heard without interference from the huge corporations that profit from our need to communicate,” said Media Mobilizing Project Policy Director Hanna Sassaman. “Now, the court has proven that the FCC can and must protect our voices and to protect the internet as a human right.”
The organization celebrated the ruling as a “massive victory for net neutrality” and hopes it will lead to expanding affordable internet.
“We will continue to fight to protect and expand our ability to build movements for justice on the essential platform of the internet here in Philly, in this country, and around the world,” Sassaman said.

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