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More hospitals in nonwhite Brooklyn neighborhoods, more colleges in mixed-race neighborhoods

A new map from the Regional Plan Association shows the landscape of the borough's immovable job centers.

The Regional Plan Association's institutions map. (Screenshot)

The Regional Plan Association released a map recently showing where institutions are located in Brooklyn (and beyond).

The map, which is built on the Brooklyn-based platform CARTO, shows Brooklyn’s institutions (colleges and hospitals) tend to be located in the center of the borough. It breaks Brooklyn down racially by Census tract, which shows more hospitals based in nonwhite neighborhoods and colleges based mostly in mixed-race neighborhoods. There were few of either institution in mostly white neighborhoods.

“Traditionally we rely on government and developers to drive the investment and infrastructure of places, but these institutions can play a greater role, serving as potential partners for community development,” the Regional Plan¬†Association writes.

The map offers a good reminder that as much as the borough seems to be changing, there are some parts of it, like institutions and transportation, which will remain stationary.

See the full map below.

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