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Last call to review Wilmington 2028

The 10-year plan is almost final. This is your last chance to give your input.

A slide from the Wilmington 2028 plan shows an option for street renovation. (Screenshot)

Wilmington has been developing its 10-year, community-driven comprehensive plan for more than a year now, and it’s time to set it in stone.


Through Nov. 2, you’ll have one last change to view Wilmington 2028 from the comfort of your own laptop and give some last minute feedback before it’s finalized.

Click here to view the Wilmington 2028 slideshow.

To boil it down, the city will focus on local economy, housing, connectivity, streets, arts, crime & safety and environmental infrastructure.

If you’re wondering why you’re not seeing education on the list of priorities, it’s because Wilmington does not have its own school system with mayoral control like Philadelphia and New York: school policies are made by the school districts and on the state level.

Proposed land-use changes. (Screenshot)

Proposed land-use changes. (Screenshot)

Four areas of the city, all east of I-95, will see the most change: Riverside, West Center City/The Creative District, East Side and the South Market Street Riverfront where the 76ers Field House is being built.

For the three residential neighborhoods, work will be done to reduce crime and increase affordable housing, mixed use development that increases jobs and civic spaces like parks, community centers and pools.

All across the city, the community has asked for more vibrancy, including public art, cultural performances, landscape and public enhancements using color and light.

Landscape enhancements. (Screenshot)

Landscape enhancements. (Screenshot)

The biggest priority for most residents surveyed was connectivity, including DART service restructuring, more bike lanes and increased pedestrian safety.

Climate change is being taken into account. (Screenshot)

Climate change is being taken into account. (Screenshot)

Environmentally, the main priority will be to rebuild Riverfront infrastructure that will resist floods and rising sea level.

Once you’ve reviewed the plan, click here to take the 5–10 minute survey by Nov. 2.


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