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#ItsTimeWilmDE campaign spotlights a diverse style of urban revitalization

A new TV show, a new statue and a lot of pride fuel Wilmington’s new branding effort. “We are going to change the Wilmington narrative,” said Mayor Mike Purzycki.

Code Diffrently's remote-control ping-pong ball was a hit. (Photo by Holly Quinn)

Last Friday, Wilmingtonians finally got a first look at the city’s new campaign at the postponed-due-to-weather Wilmington LOVE event.

You may have seen the “It’s Time” campaign on the news — even Philly media came out for what was a jumping event, full of people from neighborhoods around the city, organizations and businesses spreading awareness (and swag), lunch trucks, lots of music, dancing and African beats. T

hen, finally, the video, which you can see in full here if you haven’t caught it yet:

“It’s Time” is a multi-pronged campaign designed to be an enhancement of the existing inWilmington campaign that focuses primarily on events, local arts and food and drink. It’s Time is less about all the cool things you can do in Wilmington, and more about the people, the neighborhoods and the stories — and why people and businesses should consider joining the community. It embraces the city’s diversity, showcasing that urban revitalization efforts can — and should — be inclusive.

“We are going to change the Wilmington narrative so that everyone has a greater appreciation — locally and nationally — for Wilmington and its people,” said Mayor Mike Purzycki. “From this point forward, more people will know about a different kind of Wilmington, which is the one we know — a city that is proud and welcoming, and hard-working city that is intent on preserving its neighborhoods, culture, and diversity in order to create more opportunities for renewal.”

The biggest announcement was the launch of The Wilmington Show, co-hosted by DeTv’s Ivan Thomas and Short Order Production House’s Zach Phillips. The pair will be exploring all things Wilmington and tell the city’s untold stories (and they’re asking to hear from you to tell yours). There will be new social media channels, more interaction with city residents and workers and increased national promotion.

But, just as importantly, the Friday evening celebration was vibrant, fun, and brought the city together.

Social media, of course, is a major part of the campaign, including a selfie contest using the hashtag #Pride4Wilm.

The official hashtag is #It’sTimeWilmDE — though #WilmingtonLove is proving so far to be more popular on Instagram.

It’s time for the people of Wilmington to tell our own stories — that’s really what #ItsTimeWilmDE is about.


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