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10 highest paid City of Philadelphia employees in 2012, including overtime pay

Specific city employee salaries are back up on the Bulldog Budget, the city budget visualization tool from former City Controller candidate Brett Mandel.

Philly's police HQ (seen here) is home to some of the city's top earners. (Photo by Flickr user Jeremy Evans Thomas, used under a Creative Commons license)

Specific city employee salaries are back up on the Bulldog Budget, the city budget visualization tool from former City Controller candidate Brett Mandel. Those details had been taken down after criticism amidst an election that he later lost.

Visit it here.

The data shows that six of the highest paid city employees in 2012 worked for the Police Department. These numbers include salary and overtime, said Ben Garvey, the RJMetrics staffer who built the tool as a side project. Last year, the Police Department spent nearly $65 million on overtime, NBC10 reported

Mandel, a two-time candidate who lost to incumbent Alan Butkovitz in the Democratic primary last month, took down specific city employee salaries one month after he launched the visualization, citing “very specific privacy concerns.” Since none of these privacy concerns “have manifested themselves,” Mandel said he decided to restore the data in order to provide as much information as possible about where city dollars are going.

In 2012, the highest paid city employee was Dominic Mangoni, a veteran homicide detective at the Philadelphia Police Department, who made $310,436.64 in 2012. That’s compared to Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, whose salary of $255,000 made him the city’s highest paid employee, by base salary, as Philly Mag has reported.

Philly Mag ranked the city’s 100 highest paid employees in 2012 and 2013 using salaries provided by the city’s payroll office, said Philly Mag reporter Victor Fiorillo.

Here are the top ten highest paid city employees, according to the Bulldog Budget data (find the raw data on GitHub here). With three staffers making the list, the Department of Public Health is also well-represented.

The one curiosity, as compared to the Philly Mag list, is that the Bulldog Budget has no record of Aviation (like the airport) CEO Mark Gale’s salary. Philly Mag listed Gale’s 2012 salary as $200,000.

  1. Dominic Mangoni, Detective, $310,436.64
  2. Charles Ramsey, Police Commissioner, $263,795.94
  3. Sam Gulino, Medical Examiner, $247,448.25
  4. Tony Newsome, Police Captain, $225,824.00
  5. Thomas Storey, Medical Services Director, $211,462.80
  6. Michael Nutter, Mayor, $209,210.87
  7. Aaron Booker, Detective, $204,205.48
  8. Robert Trzcinksi, Police Inspector, $199,944.37
  9. Joseph Cannon, Police Lieutenant, $194,746.58
  10. Nino Vittorio, Medical Care Clinical Director, $193,638.59

Also check out the list of city departments that spent the most on salaries in 2012 here. The top three departments — the Police Department, the Fire Department and Prisons — were also the three departments that accounted for 83 percent of the $159.9 million that the city spent in overtime in 2012, as NBC10 reported.

Companies: City of Philadelphia / Philadelphia Police Department
People: Ben Garvey / Brett Mandel / Charles Ramsay / Michael Nutter

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