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Know how to improve DC? This Fosterly-Betterific website is all ears

The two local startups have built a site for collecting answers to this question: “How can we make D.C. and the region better?”

Think D.C. needs more festivals? Make your voice heard.

(Photo by Flickr user Ted Eytan, used under a Creative Commons license)

Solving pothole issues, attracting more venture capital and creating an underground bike park — all varied missions with a shared goal: making a city easier to live in.
With this in mind, and in lockstep with Mayor Muriel Bowser’s “innoMAYtion” programFosterly and Betterific are hoping to crowdsource responses to the broad question of: “How can we make D.C. and the region better?” explained Fosterly founder Adam Zuckerman.
The two local companies have partnered to roll out Fosterly’s InnoMAYtion Challenge. Up until May 31, the site will allow engaged citizens to present their solutions to D.C.’s various problems. “Not saying ‘This is broken,’ but instead, ‘This is how you can fix things,'” said Zuckerman.
Responses will be presented on an open platform where users can comment on each other’s submissions. They will then be aggregated and forwarded to the mayor, the Office of the Chief Technology Officer and the Washington, DC Economic Partnership.
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