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What’s the survival rate for new DC companies?

“It turns out that the odds of survival is lower in our city compared to the nation in general.”

This graph shows a side-by-side comparison of the share of businesses alive today by establishment year. (Source: D.C.'s Office of Revenue Analysis)

Lots of entrepreneurs are giving it a shot in D.C. — and yet, it’s not necessarily where they’ll find the best odds of success, according to new analysis by District, Measured.
The blog from the D.C. Office of Revenue Analysis found 2,899 D.C. businesses under one year old in March 2014 — the highest number since 2001.

The odds of survival for private sector firms is much lower in the District compared to the nation in general. The first year survival rate (counting from 2014 backwards) is 76 percent in the District compared to 79 percent in the U.S. 48 percent of today’s new firms would still be standing in the District after their first five years of operation while the comparable metric for the US is 58 percent.

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The data in the post is pulled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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