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Why you should check out the most radical of conferences, Radical Networks

Online radicalism comes to East Williamsburg for the third year of Sarah Grant's conference.

From Radical Networks 2016.

(Photo via Radical Networks/Instagram)

The case has never been more clear for the vision Radical Networks lays out. In just the past month, we’ve learned that Equifax has absolutely no control over the enormous data trove it once owned and that Yahoo! made available to hackers basically half of the world’s information!

Radical Networks, founded by Sarah Grant, is a an East Williamsburg conference for information, art and activism about how to take back control of our own information.

“Radical Networks is a conference that celebrates the free and open Internet,” the event’s invite reads. “It fosters critical discussion on contemporary issues that include surveillance, the spread of misinformation, ownership of personal data, and the increasing opacity of ‘The Cloud’.”

More than 45 speakers are expected to attend and speak at or lead workshops such as:

  • “Making Sense of the Ether: Connecting Radio Frequencies with Public Data”
  • “GiTMO, FOIA, NARA, and 500 Deleted Tweets: Lessons from a War Crimes Researcher”
  • “ Embracing Then Extinguishing the (Cell) Phone Network”
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Grant’s own story and how she came to start the conference is fascinating. From our interview with her last year:

“I started developing an interest in understanding networking technologies so I could make my own networks as a way to atone almost for those 15 years [in advertising],” Grant said. “When I saw how easy it was to set up my own server, I started to teach workshops and talk about it and ultimately to set up this conference.”


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