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Software is officially the fastest growing job in New York

According to a new report from the Center for an Urban Future, local job growth in the software sector has nearly tripled in the last five years.

Job growth by class, from the Center for an Urban Future.

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New data from the Center for an Urban Future show that software publishing was the fastest growing field of employment between 2011-2015, during which time it more than doubled in jobs, a 172 percent increase.
Software publishing is also one of the highest paying jobs, with an average annual wage of over $144,000, according to the report, titled The Rise (And Fall) of Middle Wage Industries In NYC.
While the data did not break down the job growth by borough, it’s clear enough anecdotally that a significant part of that growth in tech is coming from Brooklyn, where the tech industry continues to grow.
Much of the Center’s focus in its study was on middle-class job growth, which lags behind both high-wage and low-wage growth. This, too, is anecdotally apparent in the rapid gentrification of Brooklyn neighborhoods as well.
According to the report:

The two industries with the most job gains in the city during this period both were low-wage industries, paying under $40k. They were:

  • Restaurants and other eating places, which had a net gain of 55,145 jobs between 2011 and 2015. Jobs in this industry pay an average of $25,462
  • Home Health Care services, which had a net gain of 37,859 jobs during this period. Jobs in this industry pay an average of $25,754.

The good news is that there are a number of middle income sectors that have been adding thousands of jobs in the five borough, several of which have potential for more growth in the years ahead. These high-growth sectors span fields from educational services and construction to health care, the arts and transportation.

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