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In case you need help deciding who to vote for

Brigade, cofounded by Facebook's Sean Parker, is here to gamify the voting experience. Forgive the headline snark: For down-ballot races, it really does make sense.

How to make voting more fun? Personalize it, gamify it, says Brigade. (Courtesy image)

Brigade launched a new app earlier this month to make voting a lot more fun.
Just in time for the upcoming presidential election (eight more days, y’all), the app is billed as social networking for voters. Brigade quizzes users on their political beliefs to help recommend the candidates, or ballot propositions, they should vote for. It’s “designed to inspire political discussions,” according to this mention in the New York Times.
While this may sound disastrous given the current tone of the presidential race, the app seems to make a lot of sense for down-ballot races and in places like San Francisco, which regularly features an alphabet soup of ballot propositions.
The app allows users to invite friends to vote for certain candidates or propositions, gamifying the pledging process by making it a competition to see who can recruit the most votes. Real-time pledge maps help users visualize which candidates or causes are in the lead.
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There are prizes, too: whoever recruits the most pledges wins a free trip to D.C. for January’s presidential inauguration. Gift cards and other prizes are also in play, according to a company press release.
Brigade spokesman Andrew Noyes filled us in on why the San Francisco-based company maintains a D.C. team based at 1776. The company was originally founded by Matt Mahan, James Windon and early Facebook president Sean Parker while the three were working on Facebook’s app out of an office in Dupont Circle.
Noyes, a recovering journalist, met the group while helping establish Facebook’s D.C. office. Though Brigade is now based in the Bay Area, the team is proud of its Washington roots, Noyes said.


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