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Blogger scores win in fight for MetroCard common sense

The MTA rakes in $95 million a year in unspent MetroCard money. Local blog I Quant NY had argued that clunky kiosk UI was partly to blame. Now the MTA is rolling out an improvement.

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New Yorkers love the subway, but we also hate it a little. The rats. The smell. The heat in the summer. Much of that seems a bit unavoidable, we know, we know.
But what isn’t unavoidable? The fact that fare prices don’t match the default payment amounts at MTA kiosks and the kiosks are buggy about entering in specific amounts. Every New Yorker that doesn’t buy a monthly pass always has a nickel or so left on their pass, because the prices and the rides don’t quite match up. It adds up to a $95 million yearly giveaway to the MTA.
Until now.
The blog I Quant NY just reported that with the new fare increase, the MTA has rolled out a default option of $27.25 that will buy a user exactly 11 rides. Not a penny left over.

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