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DataLensDC declares Bike to Work Day ‘a success across the region’

The general increase over last year corresponds with increasing bike ridership trends across the District.

What does your commute look like? (Photo by Flickr user Till Krech, used under a Creative Commons license)

Did you bike to work last Friday? Not only was the sun out, but it was also Bike to Work Day, meaning that if you did manage to commute on two wheels you may have earned yourself some free coffee, breakfast or a T-shirt at one of the various “pit stops” scattered across the city.
But how many people took the bait?
Our favorite District-focused data viz project DataLensDC took a look at the data¬†and concluded, based on counts from automatic bike counters that DDOT and Arlington County have installed, that Bike to Work Day was “a success across the region.”
Indeed, there were more rides counted at almost all of the locations compared to last year and compared to an average May weekday.
Here’s the chart:

DataLensDC visualized the 2016 Bike to Work Day numbers. (Screenshot)

DataLensDC visualized the 2016 Bike to Work Day numbers. (Screenshot)

Despite a general rise in biking as a form of transportation in D.C., a trend DataLensDC previously visualized, the May 2016 weekday average counts are low when compared to the numbers that can be enticed out on Bike to Work Day. But then again, the weather hasn’t been great this month.
Read on in Kate Rabinowitz’s recent Washingtonian piece for more behind the Bike to Work Day numbers.


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