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Cultural Alliance helps bridge events gap with Culture Fly calendar

What was once was relaunched as earlier this year. The new site sports a responsive design and geo-located search features.

Experimental music festival High Zero is one of many events currently being advertised on (Photo courtesy of Culture Fly)
Baltimore is a city filled with dozen of events each night, and it would seem that you would have to be “in” to know what’s happening.
Enter Culture Fly, an events calendar designed to be a hub for cultural activity in the Baltimore region.
The calendar is a project of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance with content shared among organizations such as Visit Baltimore, the Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts, Baltimore Collegetown Network and more.
Originally known as, Culture Fly relaunched in 2014 after a complete overhaul in 2013. Overseen by David London, the GBCA’s program and marketing manager, the redesign included community input and was designed by the Philadelphia-based Night Kitchen Interactive.
The team took a “mobile first” approach to designing the site, including geo-located search capabilities as a top priority. The calendar also uses a “Similar Events” algorithm, which displays related events under each listing (see, for example, the other gatherings listed under this photo exhibition happening tonight).
GBCA members get perks such as back-end access to Culture Fly, easier submission of events, an image library and increased visibility for their listings. GBCA officials say over 50 calendar events are added each day and traffic is growing monthly.
Companies: Baltimore Collegetown / Visit Baltimore / Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance

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