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Case Study: eMoney Advisor
eMoney Advisor Logo The financial software company leveraged a range of Technical.ly products to find new talent from across the mid-Atlantic region.
Objective Talent Acquisition
Product NET/WORK
The team at eMoney Advisor realizes recruitment challenges aren’t only about pipeline growth: discovering qualified talent leads can have an even bigger impact.

Driving real-life impact is embedded in the mission of Technical.ly. Our readers turn to Technical.ly as the source of local tech news and events. Sixty-seven percent of our readers actively engage with our brand on Twitter and email to stay informed. We find that deeper engagement with potential job applicants is better than wider distribution — especially when it comes to reaching passive jobseekers and the most qualified candidates.

eMoney Advisor believes in this strategy, too, and turned to Technical.ly to help meet its recruitment goals. How? Through a yearly partnership that includes event sponsorships, job-board postings and brand awareness campaigns across multiple markets in the mid-Atlantic region.

The Radnor-based financial technology company — which was acquired by Fidelity in 2015 and has since grown to 400 employees — participated at four major Technical.ly events throughout the year: the NET/WORK tech jobs fair, the massively popular Philly Tech Week, our inaugural Delaware Innovation Week and our growing summertime soiree, Super Meetup.

The company also sees value in sharing Technical.ly editorial content as a means of informing partners and recruits about the exciting things happening at the company — and beyond.

Campaign Results

As a growing partner, Technical.ly offered eMoney Advisor’s recruiting team premium access to top tech talent at each event.

NET/WORK is Technical.ly’s largest technology jobs fair, one that takes an innovative approach to highlighting company culture and offering professional development opportunities to attendees. Exhibiting companies show off their latest projects and meet attendees excited to learn about their company culture and open roles.

"Technical.ly has definitely helped us get eMoney’s name out there. Their audience is exactly who we target when we are looking to fill our technology roles, and many of our recruits have mentioned that they first heard about us while reading a Technical.ly article."
eMoney Advisor Senior Recruiter Kevin Bader

At NET/WORK, longtime Technical.ly reader and community member JP Toto met with the eMoney Advisor recruiting staff after reading an article on Technical.ly Philly about hiring firms. That same year eMoney Advisor hired him as application developer and quickly expanded his role to DevOps Engineer in eMoney’s IT department. Toto’s primary responsibilities include automating systems and deployments, getting feedback from application developers about how to improve and streamline the release process. Since joining the team, Toto has been a source of other job placements within the company, having shared his story with his network.

It’s this type of outcome that inspires eMoney Advisor to continue investing in Technical.ly, leveraging Technical.ly’s recruiting services and events as a distribution channel to reach a target audience in a way press releases can’t.

Event Sponsorships
Market Activations
"Working with Technical.ly has been a really positive experience. eMoney has been able to connect with top tech talent in the area and introduce many people to our company who had never heard of it before. Hiring IT professionals can be challenging, and Technical.ly provides us with various outlets to communicate with the types of people we're looking to recruit. Participating in their events is also great opportunity to increase eMoney's brand awareness among the local tech community."
- Kevin Bader, Senior Recruiter

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