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Case Study: Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia
Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia Logo A sponsored-content partnership with Technically Creative kicked off a year of firsts for the organization, which helps young entrepreneurs find real-world success. Here's how the campaign helped Blackstone LaunchPad reach its goals.
Objective Marketing
Product Sponsored Content and campus-based accelerator program Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia partnered for a year-long campaign that showcased the next generation of entrepreneurs from Philadelphia. 

Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia supports student entrepreneurship in the Greater Philadelphia region through a partnership among Philadelphia UniversityTemple University and the University City Science CenterBlackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia chose as the vehicle to demonstrate thought leadership among a community of engaged readers that care about the future of entrepreneurship in the nation’s fifth-largest city. 

Technically Creative was developed as a digital solution to deliver engaging and authentic sponsored content to a growing audience of people who care about local impact. Our content studio consulted Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia on finding trends, growing its network of student entrepreneurs and showcasing its creative approach to startup incubation.

Student entrepreneurs at PhilaU and Temple became the focal point of a compelling editorial series, with multi-platform engagement spanning eight articles and seven months. In total, profiled 21 student entrepreneurs and nine programs through original multimedia content and both paid and organic social promotion.

"It seemed like a complicated campaign, because there were multiple players as opposed to one organization. Yet it was handled very nicely, and the initial presentation allowed us to move forward knowing exactly what we were getting and what to expect. delivered on those things."
Kristen Fitch, University City Science Center worked closely with stakeholders at Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia to establish editorial operations early on, ensuring a timely and efficient partnership along the way. For example, created a custom directory page to house the Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia content series, furthering SEO marketing and reader discovery. Readers re-visited this project throughout the year to discover the latest sponsored articles and connect with Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia influencers directly through a “Connected People” feature.

In pre-production, consulted Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia on an editorial calendar complete with source needs, working headlines, draft deadlines and publishing dates.

This project enabled to design a best practices playbook that would set the tone for future Technically Creative campaigns.

Campaign Results

As a value-add for the campaign, sent a reporter to cover Philadelphia University’s annual Nexus Maximus event. The reporter then created four one-to-two-minute videos recapping the event. That video content was also repurposed for social media promotion — driving an additional 6,000+ views on Facebook.

MEmory mobile app founder, Thomas Dixon, (left) with Temple Communications Director Brandon Lausch. (Courtesy photo)

MEmory mobile app founder, Thomas Dixon, (left) with Temple Communications Director Brandon Lausch. (Courtesy photo)

In the end, Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia’s local investment impact and thought leadership was demonstrated to a niche, high-level audience. This achieved Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia’s goal to not only increase brand recognition within the Philadelphia entrepreneurship community, but also expand access to resources for aspiring young entrepreneurs.  

Total Pageviews
Total Impressions
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Total Hours Spent Reading Content

"I look forward to following and supporting these entrepreneurs."
Ellen Weber, Robin Hood Ventures

What we learned

Audience matters.

Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia saw 50 percent of pageview traffic from its local market, Philadelphia. In addition, the Philly daily newsletter drove 15 percent of pageview traffic. The newsletter is’s top platform for brands to connect with our core community of readers.

"It was a nice way to profile the student ventures. Process went very smoothly, and overall it resulted in value for us and our investment."
- Julie Stapleton Carroll, Program Director, Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia at Temple University

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