Friday: ConsenSys' Ethereal Summit is streaming live from San Francisco - Brooklyn


Oct. 27, 2017 11:29 am

Friday: ConsenSys’ Ethereal Summit is streaming live from San Francisco

Tune in at noon and learn about the blockchain.

A panel at the Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn last May.

(Photo by April Joyner)

Blockchain, by now, is officially a tech buzzword. And Brooklyn, of course, is the home of one of the key players in the space: ConsenSys.

This spring, the Bushwick-based company held its first Ethereal Summit, a daylong conference devoted to blockchain and related technologies, here in the borough. Today, the second edition of the summit is happening in San Francisco.

In addition to a slate of blockchain entrepreneurs, the program features Peter Diamandis, founder of the XPRIZE (which in April crowned a Philly-area health startup in its Star Trek–inspired competition). One of the talks, interestingly enough, will be delivered by a human-robot team: Ben Goertzel, the founder of SingularityNet, who specializes in artificial general intelligence, and Sophia Hanson, the company’s “chief humanoid.”

The action begins at noon Eastern time, and it will all be livestreamed on the summit’s website.


The day’s programming includes sessions on investing in blockchain technology, decentralizing computing, building an internet free from surveillance and creating an inclusive economy. Sounds like there’ll be ample food for thought.

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