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Oct. 10, 2017 12:57 pm

With ‘DreadHead in Tech’ podcast, Bens Hilaire brings new and important voice to tech

“To be honest with y’all, man, like I’m very scared to put this out. Because, bruh, it’s going to be very personal.”

Hilaire pitches will.i.am on "Planet of the Apps."

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Bens Hilaire’s new podcast opens up with his strong Florida accent.

“Yo, what’s going on everybody? It’s Bens,” the startupper says on his promo episode. “Bens Hillaire. This idea is called the DreadHead in Tech podcast and what it is, mane, is basically this idea I had to do something involving podcasts, right? I didn’t want it to be just your average regular podcast. I told myself, mane, if I was going to do something for it to be different, I want it to be something real, raw and organic.”

Hillaire moved to Brooklyn less than three years ago with little money but a goal to build up a life for himself. He did street performances, video, sound production and worked at the mall to makes ends meet.

In 2015 he heard about the Brownsville Start Fund, which was looking for entrepreneurs with ideas that could use some help from people with Silicon Valley resources, including Di-Ann Eisnor, formerly of Waze, and the rapper Lupe Fiasco. Hilaire ended up winning the competition with an idea about building an app for event planners and performers, including street performers. The app, SubwayTalent, even took him to an episode of Apple’s Planet of the Apps, where he actually turned down an offer from Damon Wayans, Jr.


“I’m a dreadhead in this tech industry,” Hilaire says in the promo. “Not every episode is gonna be about tech. Some episodes might be about how did I raise money. Certain episodes might be about my personal story. So, Bens, when you went through hard times what did you do to keep your head high or when you was depressed how did you overcome depression?

The end of the episode ends with piano keys transitioning into a southern-sounding beat.

“Dreadhead up in this thing,” Hilaire raps. “New face in tech, get used to it, mane.”



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