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Sep. 11, 2017 12:59 pm

Brooklyn bankruptcy startup Upsolve featured in Wall Street Journal

Some nice national press for a homegrown civic-tech startup.

Upsolve's Rohan Pavuluri (center) accepting funding from Harvard University.

(Photo via Twitter)

A legal-tech startup founded by a Harvard boy genius and a do-gooder lawyer got some well-deserved ink in the Wall Street Journal this weekend.

For Struggling Consumers, a Cheaper Way to File for Bankruptcy” by Katy Stech Ferek showed off to the nation the work that founders Rohan Pavuluri and Jonathan Petts are doing on reducing the paperwork and legal barriers to entry to filing for bankruptcy.

“Some legal experts who initially were skeptical about Upsolve are warming to the idea,” Ferek wrote. “They praise the startup’s new plan to offer its software through legal-aid nonprofits, which could give users advice and review their documents for errors.” Brooklyn covered the work that Upsolve is doing back in May, and heard about how Pavuluri worked full-time on the startup, while finishing his sophomore year at Harvard, and the role Brooklyn’s Blue Ridge Labs played in bringing along the civic-tech outfit.

The whole WSJ piece is good and worth a read.

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