Cool talk alert: Genomics for Earth, Mars and beyond - Brooklyn


Aug. 3, 2017 12:07 pm

Cool talk alert: Genomics for Earth, Mars and beyond

With a talk on designing genomes for the next 500 years, Genspace does not disappoint.

These lil DNA guys have a lot more information in them than we know.

(Image courtesy of Genspace)

In understanding our genes, could we build humans for survival beyond Earth?

It’s a question at the center of a fascinating-sounding talk later this month that Genspace will host in Downtown Brooklyn.

Speaking will be Christopher Mason, an associate professor of computational genomics at Weill Cornell Medicine, and the founder of the Mason Lab, an organization working on how to keep people alive.

“The Mason lab is discovering and designing genomes for Earth, Mars, and beyond,” according to the event. “They are working on a ten-phase, 500-year plan for the survival of the human species on Earth, in space, and on other planets.”

The talk, “Genomics Lecture w/ Chris Mason: Designing genomes for Earth, Mars & beyond,” will take place Thursday, Aug. 24 and costs $10 to attend.



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