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Jul. 28, 2017 11:02 am

Meet some of the best meetups in Brooklyn

There's a cool 10,000 members between the half dozen meetups slated to be at our Brooklyn Super Meetup on Aug. 2. Here's why you should drop by.
Inside Super Meetup’s super host, Work & Co.

Inside Super Meetup's super host, Work & Co.

(Photo courtesy of Antoine Vidal)’s mission is focused on bringing communities together. The same could be said of Meetup. But how do you get all of a city’s niche tech meetups together in one place for one purpose? You create a Super Meetup.

The idea of the Super Meetup is simple: Meetup groups are integral to any tech scene. Every now and then, it makes sense to rally the leaders of a city’s tech-related meetups and gather for one big mixer. It’s a chance to make new friends, forge new connections and see who’s working on cool stuff.

Super Meetup goes down Wednesday, Aug. 2, from 6–9 p.m. at Work & Co’s gorgeous office space located at 231 Front St.


“Meetups are a defining part of New York’s tech community,” said Work & Co Principal Developer Fernando Andrade. “Connecting with new people and gaining fresh perspectives and approaches is super valuable.”

Here’s who you can mingle with on Wednesday:

Brooklyn Entrepreneurs

“This group is for Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs that love the borough and want to actively explore events and resources that make Brooklyn the DIY business capital of the world. Our monthly events bring together the true movers and shakers in the borough — from the tech startups to the unique local small businesses — and explore various topics unique to Brooklynites.”

Brooklyn Entrepreneurship Meetup

“If you are new to the startup world, or an experienced business, Brooklyn Entrepreneurship’s goal is to help you network and grow towards achieving your objectives. Members include but are not limited to: startup entrepreneurs, small business owners, angel and accredited investors, venture capital managers, crowdfunding experts, and people looking to enjoy the many benefits of being their own boss!”


Brooklyn Futurist Meetup

“The Brooklyn Futurist Meetup is where we discuss what the world might look like in ten years or more. Speakers explore trends with transformative potential… or ones that are just fascinating. Our events usually run in Brooklyn or Manhattan where most members work or live. Topics are not Brooklyn-focused. They are open to attendees and speakers from anywhere. This is America’s largest future-focused meetup with 4,700+ members and in the top 5 globally. We also run a global network of future-focused meetups with tens of thousands more like-minded members in cities like Stockholm, Bangalore, London, Berlin and Singapore. Contact the organizer for details.”

Brooklyn VR Meetup

  • 193 members

“Bringing Virtual Reality to Brooklyn. This meetup is for anyone interested in virtual reality and Augmented Reality.”

Dataiku Meetup

  • 916 members

“This is a group for anyone interested in data science ; we will exchange on best practices, real use cases, Data Science Studio How-To and related topics. Data Science Studio is a software developed by Dataiku that aggregates all the steps and data science tools necessary to get production ready applications.”

OWASP Brooklyn- Cyber Security

  • 1,449 members

“OWASP Foundation is a global community that drives the visibility and evolution in the safety and security of the world’s software. Everyone is free to participate in OWASP and all of our materials are available under a free and open software licenses. OWASP is a registered nonprofit in the United States and Europe, so all of  your financial contributions are tax deductible. This is the  Brooklyn Chapter of the OWASP Foundation.”


Shout out to our amazing #supermeetup17 sponsors who will be present and are stoked to chat it up with you over some free beer and snacks. Ask Cox Automotive, which started one of the first online used-car shopping sites with Autotrader back in 1999, just how far they’ve come since then and be sure to follow digital agency Small Planet on Twitter for more on their extraordinary experiences for mobile and connected devices.


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