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Jun. 6, 2017 12:51 pm

Tom Critchlow just assembled a community building handbook

Modern business is all about building communities, it would seem.

Futureworks NYC brought its newest cohort to A/D/O for a panel discussion.

(Photo by Tyler Woods)

It’s a central tenet of a lot of new businesses that you must build some type of community with your customers. Manhattan cosmetics startup Glossier has written the book on this.

Except that, there isn’t really a book.

That’s what Brooklyn’s Tom Critchlow found as he went about trying to find resources for a client which is trying to build a community (and a business).

So Critchlow, a digital strategy consultant and cofounder of the digital art gallery Fiercely Curious, went about compiling his own online compendium of good writing on community building, called The Beginner’s Guide to Community Building.

It’s a crucial topic for a lot of startups and Critchlow has done a great job.

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