New Lab featured on 'CBS Sunday Morning' - Brooklyn


May 31, 2017 7:39 am

New Lab featured on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’

The segment includes StrongArm Technologies, RockPaperRobot, Waverly Labs and more. Watch it here.

CBS Sunday Morning's Jim Axelrod interview's New Lab owner David Belt.

(Image from YouTube)

CBS Sunday Morning brought a national audience to the work going on at New Lab this weekend, with a great segment on the history of the place and the companies in it.

The segment explored some of our favorite startups, including StrongArm Technologies, whose cofounder we’ve profiled, Waverly Labs, which just raised $5 million in preorders, and RockPaperRobot, which we recently named as one of the top design firms in Brooklyn.

There was some great history of the space and some old news footage from the 1960s, when it was shut down as a ship-building facility.

According to CBS Sunday Morning, the companies at New Lab have an aggregate valuation of more than a billion dollars. Not bad, we say.



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