Technoartist Tega Brain joins NYU Tandon's IDM program as assistant professor - Brooklyn


May 19, 2017 12:58 pm

Technoartist Tega Brain joins NYU Tandon’s IDM program as assistant professor

The prolific artist and engineer has built some great projects in the last two years.

Smells like love.

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Brooklyn artist Tega Brain announced on Twitter yesterday she’s accepted a position as an assistant professor at NYU Tandon’s Integrated Digital Media Institute.

Brain is one of the Brooklyn art/tech world’s most prolific members. A frequent collaborator with Sam Lavigne, she is the creator or co-creator of several excellent recent pieces, including:

  • The Good Life, a program which sends users each email of the 500,000 publicly-available emails from the Enron archives in the order they were sent. You can choose to receive these emails over the course of seven days, 30 days, one year or seven years. Depending on your choice, you’ll receive somewhere between 100,000 and 196 emails per day.
  • NEAFundedUs, a simple website that shows every program funded in part or in total by the National Endowment for the Arts.
  • Smell Dating, a fave, which works like this, “It costs $25, is limited to 100 participants and works like this: you wear a shirt for three days without bathing, fully marinating the cotton with your own distinctive scent. You send the shirt in to Smell Dating, which cuts it up and sends out the samples to your potential love interests. You’ll receive 10 shirt samples from others, and indicate which of them smells best to you. Smell Dating matches people based on who found each others’ scents most alluring, and gives you and your match each others’ phone number.”

We wish Tega the best in academia!

Tyler Woods

Tyler Woods is the lead reporter for Brooklyn. He has previously worked in television and as a small town print reporter. He’ll answer if you email him.


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