Chad Dickerson reveals what he'll be doing post-Etsy: chillin' and strummin' a guitar - Brooklyn


May 15, 2017 12:11 pm

Chad Dickerson reveals what he’ll be doing post-Etsy: chillin’ and strummin’ a guitar

The former CEO is staying in Brooklyn, and that's about it (for now).

Chad Dickerson, formerly of Etsy.

(Photo by Attribution Engine user Rexhammock, used under a Creative Commons license)

It’s been two weeks since Etsy removed Chad Dickerson as its CEO, and nine years since Dickerson hasn’t had a C-level job. And you know what? He’s gonna kick it for a minute.

Dickerson revealed his post-Etsy plans in a short post on his website this morning. In it, he wrote that he’s going to be staying in Brooklyn and not making any commitments for the rest of 2017, whether it’s jobs, board appointments, or even just plans. Dickerson says he wants to focus on writing and music.

“Being the CEO of Etsy for nearly six years and CTO for three years before that during a period of massive growth was completely all-consuming and a 24/7/365 job,” he wrote. “I loved it but look forward to days that are open to spontaneity — ones that aren’t scheduled to the brim from morning until night.”

Dickerson should have plenty of people with whom to spontaneously kick it. Current and former employees came out of the woodwork to praise his leadership in the days after he was fired. He’ll have a tougher time hangin’ with Etsy sellers, though, if the comments section is any indication.

Tyler Woods

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