Is Season 4 of 'Silicon Valley' about Ethereum? The team at ConsenSys thinks so - Brooklyn


May 1, 2017 10:56 am

Is Season 4 of ‘Silicon Valley’ about Ethereum? The team at ConsenSys thinks so

Brooklyn's blockchain experts think blockchain is the latest source of jokes for the popular HBO show.

Sound familiar?

(Screenshot via ConsenSys)

Season 4 of the tech world’s favorite show that loves to hate them, HBO’s Silicon Valley, seems to be about the Ethereum platform, which was created, in part, by Brooklyn’s Joseph Lubin.

So thinks, at least, Lubin’s startup, ConsenSys, which is a kind of studio for apps built on the Ethereum blockchain.

“Serious hints were dropped in the trailer for the fourth season of HBO’s Silicon Valley,” writes ConsenSys’s Sam Cassatt, on the company’s blog. “The first episode, released last Sunday, takes it to the next level. It’s official: brilliant but ill-fated startup founder Richard Hendricks is building a new, decentralized Internet with ‘Ethereum-type compute’.”

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ConsenSys is the unrivaled blockchain leader in Brooklyn. The company’s projects and their spinoffs include StabL, an interesting new approach for being able to use dollars on the blockchain, and Ujo Music, an attempt to cut out middlemen in the music industry.

Earlier this year, ConsenSys joined in the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, with several of the big banks, to think of ways to use the blockchain and smart contracts for the financial sector.


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