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Apr. 24, 2017 12:49 pm

Brooklyn VC Charlie O’Donnell started a podcast about hiring and startup culture

Get into the brains of some of the biggest names in the startup world on the increasingly contentious topic of recruiting.
Charlie O’Donnell, February 2016.

Charlie O'Donnell, February 2016.

(Photo by Tyler Woods)

With Charlie O’Donnell’s new ‘cast, The Startup Recruiting Podcast, listeners can get into the mind of Brooklyn’s foremost venture capitalists and guests from some of Brooklyn’s top startups.

If you’ve been off Twitter recently (bless you), company culture at startups is in the news recently, and not always for best. The biggest case has been Uber, which, after a tell-all post by former employee Susan Fowler about the toxic culture there for women, led to a media feeding frenzy on the topic.

O’Donnell’s first six episodes have included conversations with some heavy hitters on the Brooklyn scene, including Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson.

“I think as a company grows, you see culture sort of morph along with your technology,” explained Aria Finger, CEO of Do Something, on the latest episode. “So where a culture when we were six people had a lot to do with our face-to-face interactions and our inside jokes, now we have a very real and deliberate Slack culture.”

Companies: Etsy

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