Here's why you should go to Space Apps Brooklyn this weekend at CARTO HQ - Brooklyn


Apr. 24, 2017 12:39 pm

Here’s why you should go to Space Apps Brooklyn this weekend at CARTO HQ

Use data from NASA on projects for the next chapter in galactic exploration.

Space walk, anyone?

(Photo by Attribution Engine user Nasa, used under a Creative Commons license)

NASA’s looking for some ideas, and they’d like you to hack with them.

This weekend CARTO hosts the Space Apps Brooklyn hackathon, a chance for local technologists to work with each other on projects. Brooklynites will join local hackathons from around the world (last year 160 local groups comprised of 15,000 people participated from all over the world).

Over two days, teams will meet, choose what to work on, develop prototypes or apps, and finish with prizes and winners. Check out some of last year’s projects here and hear from the Space Apps Brooklyn lead Aurelia Moser¬†on why you should come participate.

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