This weekend: How games can be used in political protest - Brooklyn


Apr. 11, 2017 12:56 pm

This weekend: How games can be used in political protest

Games: they're not all fun and games.

"Handväska!" by Ramsey Nasser and Jane Friedhoff.

(Courtesy image)

This weekend, New York’s radical gamers will assemble at the NYU Game Center to talk and think about how game design and play can be brought to bear in political resistance.

It’s called play/ground, and runs through the weekend. Tickets are free.

“play/ground is a collaborative effort to reimagine how we can use play to tackle contemporary issues and create new futures,” according to the event’s description. “This is not an event full of lectures and panels, rather artwork, workshops, and exercises. Special breakout and unconference sessions invite audience participation and helps include as many perspectives as possible in figuring the most important issue of this field.”

Participants include Ramsey Nasser, who made a game about smashing Nazis with a handbag, which we covered back in February. Joining him will be a number of people active in the games and activism worlds — including Mohini Dutta, Kaho Abe, Christian Howard and Ben Norskov.

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