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Apr. 3, 2017 12:47 pm

In defense of normalness: Brooklyn designer praises two new, plain fonts

A recent post by Frank Chimero on the value of plainness is worth a read.

The Klim Type Foundry's new fonts.


What’s particularly nice about a recent blog post by Brooklyn designer Frank Chimero is how applicable his writings on fonts are to the wider arena of life.

“The surest way forward is usually a plain approach done with close attention to detail,” Chimero writes in his post, Plainness and Sweetness. “Attentiveness turns the normal artful.”

Chimero discusses two new fonts produced by the Klim Type Foundry¬†— Untitled Sans Regular and Untitled Serif Regular. They’re plain fonts but they’re good, Chimero writes. Their plainness makes them good. Not everything has to stand out.

“A few items surely deserve to have an identity (perhaps an attractive pattern on the sofa or the blanket on your bed), but not everything deserves it (highly patterned floors make me dizzy),” he writes. “Most everything must fade into the background for our built environments to be hospitable.”

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