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Mar. 16, 2017 11:46 am

These 17 student games from the NYU Game Center are tender and nice

Play these “autobiographical” games, tweeted out by professor Richard Yang.

Relive the strategy of trying to pass your crush a note in high school.


Teacher Robert Yang posted 17 of his students midterm games to Twitter earlier this week, for people to check out and play.

The games are “autobiographical,” and have some tender subjects like being in a shitty job making sandwiches, the comfort of talking to your mom on a walk home, being obsessed with your food intake and comparing your plate to your sister’s and delivering a note to your crush in high school without everyone knowing.

Thanks to Yang for sharing these (all are publicly published on, he’s not blowing anyone’s spot up). He said the creators of the games are mostly second and third year students.

The games are thoughtful, and, divorced from sales pressures, deeply personal, showing games as a form of self-expression.


















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