Two years in, Notation Capital has some lessons to share - Brooklyn

Two years in, Notation Capital has some lessons to share

The Brooklyn-based pre-seed fund released its reflections on 2016.

The offices of Notation Capital in early 2017.

(Photo via Instagram)

In what’s becoming an annual tradition, Brooklyn pre-seed venture fund Notation Capital released a reflection on the year gone by. Published Tuesday, the piece is filled with choice insights and anecdotes about building a venture fund.

Notation talked about its nine new portfolio companies:

We’ve also partnered with several companies going after stodgy old industries that haven’t evolved in decades (ie. Simple Contacts, Arta, Stealth Insurance Co), all of which we believe are building technology driven solutions to fundamentally change how these markets function. These companies are collapsing what tend to be complex processes and physical infrastructure, and dramatically simplifying distribution via a layer of software, often exposed through an API.

The fund also reiterated its focus on technical startups, rather than some of the retail and lifestyle companies that seem to have increased their market share in recent years:

As technologists ourselves, we continue to prefer founding teams that have real technical chops and are tackling hairy technology problems.

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