See the best collection of internet artists we've ever seen, right here in Brooklyn - Brooklyn


Jan. 10, 2017 9:48 am

See the best collection of internet artists we’ve ever seen, right here in Brooklyn

Chico MacMurtrie, Sam Lavigne and David Huerta highlight Software 4 Artists Day.

Software 4 Artists Day.

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At some point, future art historians will look back on these years as those when art transitioned to the¬†online world. And who knows what future imaginary people will say really, but on Jan. 22 Red Hook’s Pioneer Works will host the best collection of internet artists living and working today.

If this is of interest to you at all, we highly recommend checking out Software 4 Artists Day.

“Software for artists day (S4AD) is an event that encourages technologists to identify themselves as artists, and artists as technologists,” the event’s site says.

The day will include a breakfast, two sessions where audience members can pick between one of three presentations, lunch, two more sessions and the obligatory happy hour.

More than half of the presenters have been written up previously in Brooklyn, including Chico MacMurtrie, who built a church full of robots that play music; internet hater Sam Lavigne; and he of Cryptoparty fame, David Huerta.

Check it out

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