Roddy Schrock is done with Facebook, damnit - Brooklyn


Dec. 28, 2016 7:47 am

Roddy Schrock is done with Facebook, damnit

He's totally over the “overwhelming banality” of the social media platform.


(Like Facebook Headquarters Thumb by Kevin Krejci via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC BY)

Eyebeam’s director is pledging to do what many have tried and few have sustained in 2017: quit Facebook.

“It’s not the political arguing, it’s just the sense of suffocating encapsulation, the overwhelming banality of so much of it, and the disproportionate headspace it takes up,” Roddy Schrock writes in a post on his site.

Schock has been behind the wheel at internet art New York Institution Eyebeam for years, helping to bring into the world some interesting and important works. But you know what? Facebook doesn’t really help with that.

“I also feel more greedy about how much of myself I want to give (without even a tax write-off) to Zucky.”

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