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Dec. 22, 2016 12:41 pm

8 charts about Charlie O’Donnell’s first 50 investments

“Most of them are still alive, so that's cool.”

Shoutout to things but shoutout to non-things, too.

(Image via This Is Going to Be Big)

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures’ founder Charlie O’Donnell has now invested in exactly 50 startups, and he took the time Monday to examine what they’ve been, how they’ve done and more.

“Like most VC’s I’m mostly investing in software and internet technologies, but about 22% of the time, I’ve invested in companies that make physical things — from food to physical spaces to consumer electronics,” he writes.

O’Donnell is Brooklyn’s most visible and best-funded venture capitalist. He’s also a Brooklyn native, and does stuff like this.

He writes a weekly email newsletter and keeps a blog, This Is Going to Be Big, where his musings on investments can be found.

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