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Dec. 1, 2016 11:07 am

Quiz: Which hipster nativity scene figurine are you?

Are you more of a man bun chambray barefoot papa Joseph or a Starbucks athleisure wear selfie Virgin Mary? Or maybe a lil goat in a cruelty-free sweater?

The viral hit du jour, the Hipster Nativity Scene, is selling online for $130.

(Courtesy photo)

Correction: An earlier version of this story misquoted Associate Editor Juliana Reyes as saying "I'm the 'Mustache and fedora and suspenders segway wise bro' lol." We have since learned that the "lol" was, in fact, part of the character name and not an indication of Reyes' mirth and have thus updated the story. (12/1/16, 11:45 a.m.)

It may have been the most heated family argument of the Thanksgiving weekend: Which of the lil figurines in the hipster nativity scene are you? The lil goat in a cruelty-free sweater? The beanie and sunglasses wise bro on a Segway?

For the uninitiated, the hipster nativity scene is very popular on the internet (limit 3 per customer) and people all over are wondering which of the figurines they’re most like and also whether it’s the most Brooklyn thing of all time or just up there with the greats, like that SNL skit with Kevin Hart.

Well, our admittedly weird but uncannily charming lead reporter Tyler Woods decided to take it upon himself this week to make a Buzzfeed quiz to settle the arguments and provide an answer once and for all.

Take the quiz here

The quiz was shared around the office, and responses were varied. Lian Parsons, the editorial intern for Technically Media got “Starbucks athleisure selfie Virgin Mary.”

“I enjoyed the quiz and thought it was just the right level of funny, but found it lacking in nuance,” she wrote on Slack. “My result did not necessarily match with my real personality, but I also happen to take online quizzes very seriously.”

As should we all.

Generocity Community Manager Mo Manklang got “Instagramming teen shepherd in handsome basics.”

“In a world where everything is now uncertain and anxiety-ridden, this quiz was the confirmation I needed to leave worldly things behind and lead the people in an Insta-revolution toward a non-GMO, grass-fed farm life that is both good for the world AND fashion forward,” she wrote.


One question that popped up in the Slack discussion came from Woods himself.

“How is this tech?” he asked Associate Editor Juliana Reyes.

“It’s internet culture @tylerwoods and I’m the ‘Mustache and fedora and suspenders segway wise bro lol,'” she responded.

Organizations: BuzzFeed, Technical.ly


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