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Oct. 24, 2016 10:59 am

With this new app you’ll never send a boring emoji again

Weird internet power couple Molly Young and Teddy Blanks are back at it again.

Rejoinders are good.


Hot take alert: emojis are not cool in 2016. They may not have been cool in 2015, either. Reaction GIFs? Devastatingly passé. Sorry!

But there’s always something new and weird and novel, so introducing: Rejoinders. It’s a new sticker pack from the Brooklyn/Manhattan duo of Teddy Blanks and Molly Young, famous around these parts as the co-creators of the Periodic Table of Trash.

Rejoinders is basically a new emoji keyboard of faces pulled from 17th-century Dutch paintings. The faces tend toward the grotesque but there’s some pleasant ones, too.

In an interview with artnet, Young explained that the faces came from a pre-existing interest she and her partner developed in paintings by lesser-known Dutch masters after buying a painting from Sotheby’s of a portrait of a baby with a receding hairline holding a portrait of a man. Check out the article for a terrific picture of it and her with her cat.

Young works in Warby Parker’s creative department and is a contributor to New York Times Magazine. Blanks is the cofounder of CHIPS, a creative design studio based in Williamsburg.

Conversation with iMessage user "Chris."

Conversation with iMessage user “Chris.” (Screenshot)

Reviews for Rejoinders are coming in reliably strong.


“These stickers are incredibly… strange,” writes Product Hunt user Ryan Hoover.

Brandon Bigly, also on Product Hunt, writes, “These are the exact amount of weird I’ve been looking for.”

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