The 16 best photos of the New Lab grand opening on Saturday night - Brooklyn


Sep. 26, 2016 4:25 pm

The 16 best photos of the New Lab grand opening on Saturday night

More than 2,000 people came to the opening of New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard Saturday night. Here are some of their best pictures.

New Lab, developed by Macro Sea, opened Saturday night in the Navy Yard.

(Photo by Tyler Woods)

We wrote a couple hundred words on the grand opening of New Lab earlier today, but it wasn’t enough. Given the Picture Value Theorem, here are 16,000 more words on the space.

That was cool. #newlab opening night party #brooklyn #navyyards

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New Lab’s entrance is at Flushing and Cumberland, in the no man’s land between Downtown Brooklyn and South Williamsburg.

#newlab space looking spiffy


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Previously a workshop for naval ships during both world wars, New Lab has retained much of the original architecture.

What an amazing space #newlab

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With 80 foot ceilings, the space feels huge.

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A communal 3D-printing workshop makes prototyping easier for the design and industrial companies inside the space.

Gold shipping container #newlab

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There was a shipping container called “Portals” that digitally connected party-goers with people from Mexico City to Milwaukee.

Lewis was in Milwaukee, but he was also in Brooklyn.

#light #lightinstallation #NewLab #brooklynnavyyard #Brooklyn #nyc

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Idk, but cool.

When full, New Lab will be home to more than 50 companies and 350 workers, including this guy.

Scenes from the #newlablaunch: a studio visit with @terreform_one ?: Samantha Deitch/

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One of those companies, Terreform ONE, works to re-envision cities.

Art piece designed for hydroponic urban farming. #newlab #innovation

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Like with this big, beautiful urban farm cast.


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Also pretty much every one of the 2,000 attendees was beautiful.

#newlablaunch with @barrydineen #newyork

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The photo booth proved popular.

why not go to a party with @shadypinez ? #nyc #newlablaunch

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There’s always a photo booth.

Lots of indoor plants, too.

Stella, age 16. Natascha, age 13. New Lab Opening Party 2016. #daughters

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Fun for the whole fam.

sketch to soirée in just five years. @macroseamotors @djonemintjulep @littleknown_bigdeal @newlab ???

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It really happened.

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