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Aug. 15, 2016 12:14 pm

Tweet the NY Public Library an emoji and it’ll tweet back a pic from its archives

Who says libraries can't be fun?

Tweet at @NYPLEmoji with a ? and this is what you get back.

(Photo via NYPL)

Today in Fun With Bots, we take a look at @NYPLEmoji, a bot by the New York Public Library, which responds to emojis tweeted at it by fans with startlingly similar photos from the library’s public image collection.

It’s awesome.

The bot queries the library’s digital collection, which has more than 691,000 digitized images. It finds the one that most closely resembles the emoji, and tweets back the image. Sometime the bot just picks emojis itself and finds good photos to pair with them.

The bot is the work of Lauren Lampasone, a digital producer at the NYPL, and Leonard Richardson, a software architect there.

One of the problems libraries are facing in this increasingly digital world is how to remain relevant and useful with younger people. Emojis and bots? Nailed it.

Tyler Woods

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