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Jul. 7, 2016 12:48 pm

UberEATS rushes into Brooklyn

Can the ride-hailing giant overtake the well-established Seamless?

Uber's food delivery service expands to North Brooklyn.

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Uh oh, Seamless. Not content with simply remaking the taxi industry, Uber Technologies, Inc. is taking on the food delivery world, too. As of yesterday, UberEATS is officially available in North Brooklyn.

The app and website allows users to order food from local restaurants through Uber. As it does with cars, there is no tipping, a $2.99 delivery fee is automatic and doesn’t change with quantity, and the interface is simple and familiar to Uber riders.

“UberEATS gives Brooklyn eaters and restaurant partners more options,” the company’s announcement states. “Restaurants can depend on UberEATS to expand their businesses and reach a new network of potential customers.”

We at the Technical.ly Brooklyn office bravely tried out UberEATS (with the promo code: TRYBKEATS10 for $10 off and free delivery of your first order) to see how it stacks up to Seamless.

The interface is, in fact simpler than Seamless. Instead of searching by food type, you simply scroll down until you see something you like. Jury’s out as to whether that’s actually better. Searching for your favorite restaurant has some value as a functionality. UberEATS does seem to have restaurants that Seamless doesn’t have, which is good. And the lack of a tip and a standard delivery fee takes some of the friction out of the process. But to be honest, there wasn’t much friction to begin with. I do wonder if there’s value in Uber innovating something that’s already been disrupted.

Tyler Woods

Tyler Woods is the lead reporter for Technical.ly Brooklyn. He has previously worked in television and as a small town print reporter. He’ll answer if you email him.


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