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Jun. 13, 2016 1:17 pm

7 indie games to keep an eye on

From VR to word games, the brand-new NYU Game Center cohort is an interesting one.

Cognition is about gears and thinkin'.

(Image via YouTube)

The NYU Game Center has selected the next seven indie games it will help develop and launch.

It’s the third year of incubation for the game center, which offers its incubatees “a structure to address the marketing, legal, financial, and other business issues of launching a successful commercial game.”

Here’s who’s in this year’s class:

The Norwood Suite

The Norwood Suite. (Courtesy image)

The Norwood Suite. (Courtesy image)

In The Norwood Suite, guests investigate what’s going on in a hotel located deep in the woods.

The game’s creator, Greg Heffernan, was pretty pumped about the acceptance in the program, writing on his blog, “Basically, the game is getting incubated. It’s a lot bigger in scope than Off-Peak, or anything I’ve ever done before, really. Having a group of likeminded, dedicated game designers and experts in the field to bounce ideas off of, share development challenges and generally just help make this as good as it can be, is something I’m genuinely thrilled to be a part of.”



DIRE in action. (Courtesy image)

DIRE. (Courtesy image)

DIRE calls itself a “VR on rails survival action” game.

NYU Game Center calls it “a hard hitting action game with an emotional experience about loss and regret.” We’re intrigued.


Cognition. (Courtesy image)

Cognition. (Courtesy image)

Cognition is “a puzzle game for iOS devices that requires players to use careful planning and a nimble finger to control two perpetually rotating cogs named Click and Cogsworth,” according to its creators:

By tapping on the screen, players will stop one cog which frees up the other cog to move, thus allowing players to navigate past challenging puzzles and explore the magical world of clockmaker’s workshop in a lovingly hand-drawn environment.


Rewordable. (Courtesy image)

Rewordable. (Courtesy image)

Rewordable is a modern-day word game.

NYU Game Center calls it “a competitively creative word building game. Each custom deck is composed of common letter combinations in the English language. Players arrange these cards to form words of increasing length and complexity, by drawing from their own hand or by stealing cards from other players, building onto already constructed words.”


According to the game’s site: “Epitaph is a tactical fighting game that combines the thoughtful strategy of games like Fire Emblem with the speed and excitement of games like Street Fighter.”


Clica out here exploring.

According to the site: “Clica: Blockland Adventure is a puzzle/platformer featuring indirect control & platform building. Using point & click, you create new platforms and send instructions to help Clica complete a variety of platformer challenges.”


The mysterious "Botolo." (Courtesy image)

The mysterious “Botolo.” (Courtesy image)

There’s not a ton on Botolo. It’s not mentioned on game creator Ian Snyder’s website, and NYU Game Center says only this: “BOTOLO is an abstract, competitive mind dance for two players.” Cryptic!

Companies: NYU Game Center
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