CartoDB is hosting an open happy hour tomorrow - Brooklyn


May 23, 2016 12:23 pm

CartoDB is hosting an open happy hour tomorrow

More like mappy hour, amirite?

CartoDB cofounder Javier de la Torre and his wife, Ruth, pose with ice cream sandwiches at the company's Bushwick HQ.

(Photo by Tyler Woods)

Here’s a good chance to meet some of the most interesting people working in the Brooklyn startup scene: Bushwick’s CartoDB is hosting an open happy hour Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the company’s Moore Street headquarters.

What’s good about CartoDB events is that they’re authentic. There is no sales or marketing feel to them, or trying to leverage attendees for anything else. They’re even gentrification-conscious in their happy hour invite:

We also recognize that our tech community is a significant force in the development of the neighborhoods, including Bushwick. As more startups are relocating here together with their employees, we felt it was important to bind together the businesses that were already in the area to the ones that were arriving. We want to build a network of organizations, community members,universities, government, other startups in order not to go against the flow of the neighborhood life, but to become an integral part of it.

Tomorrow’s event will include lightning talks from fellow Bushwick tech folks — 3D-printing company Voodoo Manufacturing — as well as from the NYC Department of City Planning, in addition to talks from employees of CartoDB itself.


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