Croissant, coworking's all-access pass, is expanding to DC - Brooklyn

Apr. 12, 2016 11:30 am

Croissant, coworking’s all-access pass, is expanding to DC

Cofounders Adam Chew and Dave Idell chat over their company’s namesake.

Cofounders Adam Chew and Dave Idell chat over their company's namesake.

(Courtesy photo)

As first reported by DC, Croissant is rolling into Washington, D.C.

The app, which offers users access to multiple coworking spaces around town, is in expansion mode. Boston is also on the list of new markets. As coworking spaces become increasingly ubiquitous, the model’s mix-and-match appeal seems to make sense.

Croissant was founded in May 2015 in Sunset Park. It has since grown to a network of over 200 members and 25 coworking spaces, cofounder Dave Idell told DC. We first profiled the “promiscuous” company back in September 2015.

Here’s a little gem from today’s D.C. piece:

So it’s going well in the Big Apple, but will the model replicate? “We’re about to find out,” Idell said.


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