See the slide deck that raised $23 million for CartoDB - Brooklyn

See the slide deck that raised $23 million for CartoDB

Having a good product helps, but you gotta respect the slide deck. Here are some tips for a kickass pitch.

CartoDB explains its Series B.

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How does one come upon $23 million in venture capital funding? Well, it takes a whole lot more than a slide deck, but it definitely does take a slide deck.

In a new blog post from the company — “Raising money in the current environment. Every little helps.” — CartoDB takes us inside the mystery world of venture capitalism and what the company has learned from the experience.

[slideshare id=58318456&doc=cartodb-series-b-deck-160216113537]

Here are a few takeaways:

  • The talks between SaaS founders and investors are all about operative efficiency and how to burn less cash monthly, extending the runway for 2-3 quarters and aiming to achieve breakeven in the short term.
  • The way you communicate things is absolutely paramount if you want to get the chance to be heard in this crazy funding environment, particularly by the right people.
  • Make the effort to decode the investor’s formula: What’s the exact dose of attitude, jokes, passion, knowledge and humble recognition of still-unknown things?
  • Having a clear go-to-market strategy for each of your products — with killer use cases where you can show significant ROI — is a critical milestone in your presentation.
  • It’s all about doing things so much better than anyone else, and articulating the “why” and “how” of that.
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