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Mar. 25, 2016 10:15 am

See the electricity in your muscles at this weird, wonderful workshop

Up for some DIY electromyography? Genspace has you covered.
High-schooler Sid Vadaparty flexin’ on ’em.

High-schooler Sid Vadaparty flexin' on 'em.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

This unwieldy tangle of muscle and blood connected to our central processing unit runs, like the trash can in your kitchen that opens its lid when you wave your hand over it, on electricity. Whereas the trash can has some D batteries you pop in the back of it somewhere, we have to ingest food and then somehow, through biochemistry or, perhaps, magic, our body turns it into energy.

All of that is to say that Genspace is holding a workshop next weekend, hosted by a prodigious high school student and a Ph.D., that hooks folks up to Arduino machines to actually show the electric current running through your body when you flex your muscles.

“Your muscles work because your nervous system sends them signals, but have you ever seen them produce electricity? Using Backyard Brains’ Arduino Shield, we will show you how to visualize your own body’s amazing communication system with accessible DIY technology,” the event invitation reads. “You’ll measure and see your own ‘power generation’ and gain an understanding about how human-machine interfaces of the future will work.”

The “DIY Electromyography Workshop” will be held 

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